R3ACH is the Missions/Outreach Ministry of Fathers House Church!

Our vision is to see the body of Christ mobilized, becoming the very hands and feet of Jesus! Therefore we need you!!

Our heart is to provide you with opportunities to get involved on a number of levels, bringing you updates of the needs in the world around us and to help create a passion for you to become a world changer, right where you are at!

You might wonder what the “letter” three means in the name R3ACH. Well, partly it comes from that we believe that our mission is to R3ACH the body, soul and spirit of the people around us, reaching the WHOLE person. The other part comes from what we see as being the WHOLE gospel. In Luke 4:18-19 as Jesus give his mission statement, there are 3 parts to it: Salvation, Compassion and Justice.

So through R3ACH we seek to reach the WHOLE person with the WHOLE gospel… Hence, the letter “3” :)

For a deeper insight into the WHOLE gospel, listen to this recent sermon at http://tinyurl.com/whole-gospel

This months focus is MISSIONS, so please make sure to check out the latest newsletter!

For the Kingdom,

Sam Sanden




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